Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been the crossroads  of many civilizations and cultures. It is these millennia  of cultural diversity that has melded Bosnia and  Herzegovina into one of the most fascinating countries  in southern Europe.
Most of the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina are of Slavic origins. The Slavic tribes arrived in the 6th century and settled throughout the entire region of the Balkans.

It is a country where one can find an Ottoman mosque, a Jewish Synagogue, and Catholic and Orthodox churches on the same street corner.

Archeological excavations have traced tribal life back here at least 12,000 years.
This tiny country of just over 50,000 square kilometers is tailor made for adventure and has a taste of the wild that is long gone in western Europe.

The natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found in both its people and its land. Travelers to Bosnia and Herzegovina have always been touched by its pristine beauty, its untouched wilderness and its friendly hosts. Here a man's wealth is measured in friendships and one takes the time to nurture them. You will find people from north or south, east or west willing to treat you to the great taste of fine Bosnian and Herzegovinian hospitality.

Many a tourist has been pleasantly surprised when visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. The clean, fresh air of our mountains and river valleys, the spiritual uplifting after a holy pilgrimage to Me|ugorje or Ajvtovac, or a unique experience in our ancient towns and cities will inspire you to visit again